Support Services

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that whenever your customers encounter issues, they’ll reach friendly and knowledgeable agents based entirely in the United States.

Partnering with businesses to provide exceptional service support for their customer-facing initiatives.  

TeleSpeak Support Services combines highly skilled and trained subject matter experts with proven analytics and technology to offer Specialized Agent Services. With this foundation, we apply our deep understanding of agent-based solutions to provide solutions for the fast-growing technology, healthcare, education, wireless, telecom and cable markets.

TeleSpeak Support Services also offers business-to-business sales across sectionmultiple verticals with a focus on increasing our clients’ market share and improving customer relationships. Additionally our parent company TeleSpeak is a leading developer of Award winning call center software that will deliver unequaled access to your individual campaigns and ongoing initiatives.

Verticals we support

  • Automotive

  • Communications & Media

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Utilities

Solutions that we offer

  • Customer Experience

  • Sales Effectiveness

  • Customer Retention

  • Cost Management

  • Compliance & Fraud Protection

  • Customer Care

  • Revenue Generation

  • Technical Support

  • Collections

  • Home Agent

  • Chat Agent

  • Omni-Channel & Self Service

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Network Solutions

Challenges we solve

  • Bad Customer Experience

  • Sales Effectiveness

  • Customer Retention

  • Cost Management

  • Compliance & Fraud Protection

Flexible Campaign Creation

Nothing is off the shelf. Each campaign is customized based on the needs of the client. Your company and your clients are unique, so should your campaign. Do you require remote agents? Do you have your own CRM or ACD? Do you want to be involved in the hiring? Do you need customized applications or additional business services? Each aspect of your campaign will be designed as you would design the campaign as if it resided within your company. Our goal is to do everything possible to serve you and your customer’s needs.

Advanced Technology

One of the greatest advantages of doing business with TSS is the relationship with our sister company, TeleSpeak; TeleSpeak develops and deploy our own award winning contact center software called SimplyCloud. CCAW uses a WebRTC platform to deliver real time client customization, drag ’n drop queue and agent management, along with real time reporting. It also includes an integrated EPBX, CCAW visual, open API’s and multiple customer entry points; making TSS a turnkey solution for your center needs.


We have invested in our infrastructure to ensure the highest level of uptime available. We have installed a dedicated diesel generator for power outages and conditions. Network services include redundant fiber networks from multiple carriers using different building entrances and routes. Network switches and servers are duplicated at every level of service.

Dedicated Resources

Your campaign will have dedicated resources that are not shared with other campaigns. This allows our agents and first line management the ability to provide the highest level of attention to you and your customers. We simply become a dedicated extension and resource of your business.

PCI / DSS Compliance

Securing your customers information is a critical business need that we also take very seriously. TSS is a PCI Certified location with a continuously monitored and secured area within the center for campaigns that require PCI compliance. We conduct regular audits, utilize PCI specific guidelines for center operating procedures and participate in ongoing education to ensure compliance.

US-based Agent and Support

Concerned about the customer experience, about effective communication, about first call resolution, about overall costs and value, about investing in the U.S.? So are we and that’s why TeleSpeak Support Services is headquartered and based in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Central Florida also provides TSS with a vast labor pool that represents a demographic cross section of culture, language and experience.

Beyond Phone Calls

TSS can provide a multitude of services and combination of services for a variety of applications. Our focus is to design campaigns that meet your needs and the needs of your customers. We offer inbound services with multiple entry points for traditional voice, web chat, video, email, text or social media. We provide outbound campaigns with several dialer options and applications. Whether you want Tech Support, Sales (sales /retention/cross selling/ up sell capabilities), lead generation or appointment setting, Marketing pilots or Social Media Monitoring, TSS has the experience, knowledge and passion necessary to meet your every need. Require all of this in more than one language? Pedazo de pastel! Part de gateau! Yīkuài dàngāo! stück kuchen


Are you tired of waiting for weekly or monthly reports from your outsourcer? Do you ever wonder if you get all the news or an edited version? At TSS we pride ourselves in transparency. You’ll have real time access to not only reports, but with our Contact Center AnyWhere Visual contact center application. You’ll have real time, 24/7/365 visibility and access to your campaign stats; the agents, their desktop and live calls.

Complete Solution

Market research, business analysis, and top-notch technical support and customer service training ensure your next campaign launches successfully.

Best and Brightest

We partner with local colleges and The Department of Veteran Affairs to provide unmatched service quality by staffing educated and experienced agents.

Empowered Agents

Dashboards empower our agents to independently manage themselves; coordinating coverage based call volume and availability.

24/7 Global Support

Exceptional, 24-hour support that's staffed entirely within the US to meet the growing needs of both domestic and international clientele.

What We Do

We provide our clients an expert customer experience

Partnering with TeleSpeak has been a game-changer for us. Our needs didn't fit most providers which prevented us from delivering clients with the best possible service. TeleSpeak really listened to our needs, throughly analyized our business, and now provides us with personalized service that grows as we do. In short, our employees have never been happier, our customers have never been as satisfied, and our revenue have never been better.​​​​​​​

Sunny Lu, Chief Operations Officer at Telamon Telemedicine

"TeleSpeak support services has delivered exceptional results. Much better than our own internal support staff." 
- Jess S.

"TSS has been very proactive with anticipating our support needs, to the point of partnering with us in the development of our own internal support knowledge database." 
- Kevin D.

"TeleSpeak Support Services is our 3rd BPO support partner in 5 years. By far they have out performed all of our previous partners hands down. TSS management team is a pleasure to work with. They delivered higher than expected results." 
- Margret M.

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